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• ! ! A <br />Mayor and members: <br />IVIy name Is IVlasu111I Abeler, I live with my husband, Jon at 433V Ftoselawn in <br />tloseville. <br />Fort e past 5 years your city - og park, ecause o the noise, has been a <br />source of serious physical and emotional distress. Lire-Cov d, every evening <br />there were 10 cars and a dozen dogs. Lately, it has been quieter because of <br />the heat, and because my husband has often asked the guests to "mind the <br />noise. <br />Unfortunately, your city, w - ich we do not live in, has done nothing to help <br />deal with this near=daily disturbance of our peace. The only effort, which we <br />as neighbors requested, is the posting of a sign "respect the neighbors." <br />This sign does little to inform park quests that of the noise disturbance: I <br />recently hung this sign on the fence, which led to life more peaceful for 3 <br />weeks: (hold up sign) It was removed, and 1 attached another sign which <br />was removed by the city worker as ordered by the city manager. <br />It is time for the city to respect us as neighbors: It is time to directly deal <br />with the problem of noise in our neighborhood. Because oft e priority we <br />place on living our lives in peace, we are making plans to move to the home <br />Ate recently purchased. <br />�irice we are still here ::::and do not wish to move from where we have lived <br />and raised our family for 3U years, please do something to fix the problem <br />you have created. A good start would be a sign that could actually be <br />effective in reminding people to manage their dogs while they are quests in <br />our neighborhood. <br />Thank you <br />