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<br />CITY OF ST. ANTHONY VILLAGE <br />3301 Silver Lake Road <br />St. Anthony, MN 55418 <br />Phone: (612) 782-3301 Fax: (612) 782-3302 <br />website: <br />e-mail: <br />twitter: @cityofstanthony <br /> <br />Principal City Officials <br />Mayor <br />Jerome O. Faust <br />Council Members <br />Bonnie Brever <br />Hal Gray <br />Jan Jenson <br />Randy Stille <br /> <br />City Staff <br />Mark Casey, City Manager <br />Nicole Miller, City Clerk <br />Shelly Rueckert, Finance Director <br />Mark Sitarz, Fire Chief <br />Michael Larson, Liquor Operations Manager <br />Jon Mangseth, Police Chief <br />Jay Hartman, Public Works Director <br />Charlie Yunker, Assistant to City Manager <br /> <br /> <br />1