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<br />St. Anthony Police Department 2019 Strategic Plan • St. Anthony Village, Minnesota <br /> <br /> <br />1 | P a g e <br /> <br /> <br />St. Anthony Police Department 2019 Strategic Plan <br /> <br />Vision Statement: The St. Anthony Police Department is committed to hire, develop and retain <br />dedicated professionals who are devoted to exceptional policing service and creating a safe and <br />secure community that is a desirable place in which to live, learn, work and play. <br />Mission Statement: The Mission of the St. Anthony Police Department is to improve the overall <br />quality of life by preserving the peace and safety of the community. <br />GOALS AND OBJECTIVES <br />The following are 9 goals that police department and community members have identified as part <br />of the department’s strategic plan. Each of these goals require objectives if they are to be achieved <br />and must meet the following guidelines. It must be: <br />S – Specific M – Measureable A – Attainable R – Relevant (mission-oriented) T – Time-based <br />GOAL ONE <br />Develop and sustain community partnerships, foster community inclusiveness, and be <br />viewed as partners in the community. <br />OBJECTIVES <br /> Continue and enhance the COPS vs. Kids basketball event. <br /> Develop and enhance outreach via cable access television. <br /> Enhance the structure of the social media platform to better leverage technology and <br />department members as a resource. More creative content. <br /> Develop inclusion strategies with various groups within the community (i.e. apartment <br />complex groups, senior population, low income housing, youth, etc.). <br /> Create a better measurement tool for department community engagement efforts, <br />especially those that occur during patrol activities. <br /> Use community engagement data to reward and recognize officers for their efforts. <br /> Participate in more formal committees, such as with faith-based groups, race and equity <br />groups, youth groups, etc. <br /> Provide more community education events, such as a revamped citizen’s academy, more <br />community meetings, a police department open house, etc. Topics for training could include, <br />what to expect when being stopped by police, how to bring about a complaint or <br />compliment, presentation of crime statistics. <br /> Dissemination of a community survey to gauge the effectiveness of department efforts.