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<br /> <br />If you would like to request special accommodations or alternative formats, please contact the City Clerk at 612-782-3313 <br />or email People who are deaf or hard of hearing can contact us by using 711 Relay. <br /> <br />Our Mission is to be a progressive and welcoming Village that is walkable, sustainable and safe. <br /> <br />D. Liquor Operations Mid-Year Report. Mike Larson, Liquor Operations Manager presenting. <br />(no action requested). (pp.77-84) <br />E. Ordinance 2019-07 an Ordinance Amending Section 33.061 Establishment of Fee Amounts as it <br />relates to Land Use Fees. (1st of 3 readings) Mark Casey, City Manager presenting. (pp.85-88) <br />F. 2nd Quarter Goals Update. Mark Casey, City Manager presenting. (no action requested) (pp.89-92) <br />VII. Reports from City Manager and Council members. <br />VIII. Community Forum <br />Individuals may address the City Council about any City business item not included on the regular agenda. <br />Speakers are requested to come to the podium, sign their name and address on the form at the podium, state <br />their name and address for the Clerk’s record, and limit their remarks to five minutes. Generally, the City <br />Council will not take official action on items discussed at this time, but may typically refer the matter to staff <br />for a future report or direct the matter to be scheduled on an upcoming agenda. <br />IX. Information and Announcements <br />X. Adjournment