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4. With the modification to the site plan under conditions as approved with the Preliminary <br />Plan PUD, the proposed improvements constitute a reasonable use of the property. <br />5. The density, parking, and other aspects of the site constitute reasonable accommodations <br />within the expected range of PUD consideration. <br />6. The flexibility offered under the PUD. including setbacks, parking, and impervious <br />surface are reasonably consistent with other development in this area of the PUD. <br />7. The proposed PUD will accommodate reasonable use without negative impacts on <br />neighboring property nor on public improvements and services. <br />NOW THEREFORE MAY IT BE RESOVLED, that the City Council of the <br />City of St. Anthony Village accepts the findings and recommendations documented in the staff <br />report and approves Final Plan for Amendment to the Silver Lake Village PUD by creation of the <br />Stinson Apartments PUD Sub -District, as shown on the plans submitted on November 17, 2020, <br />at 3725 Stinson Boulevard NE: <br />1. The applicant enters into the PUD Development Agreement and provides the securities <br />required by it as directed by the City Attorney. <br />2. The Conditions noted as a part of the Preliminary Plan PUD approval (cited in the staff <br />report for 12-8-2020) are verified as having been met, including the submission of <br />revised plans necessary to demonstrate compliance prior to construction permitting. <br />3. All documents are recorded as may be required. <br />4. Any substantive changes to the plans or relevant documents, as determined by the City <br />Manager, may require resubmission and revised City Council action. <br />Passed in regular session of the City Council on the 8th y of December, 2020. <br />ATTEST: <br />Nicol Miller, C ty Clerk <br />Review for Administration: <br />Ran t' Stir ayor <br />Charlie Yunker, Interim City Manager <br />