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Walking the Talk of Authentic Servant Leadership as an Elected Official <br />I will base my decisions on the next generation more than the next election, committed to the ideal that my loyalty <br />must be to the entire community (both now and in the future) and not merely to those who got me elected. <br />I will focus on mission, vision and values as the benchmark for my decisions and recognize that my <br />responsibility is the pursuit of the greatest good for the entire community and not the satisfaction of any <br />particular group’s agenda. <br />I will make decisions based on fact-based evidence and not allow myself to be manipulated into bad decisions <br />for the future based on the decibel level of critics. <br />I will recognize that “it takes a smart leader to know where they are stupid” and have the wisdom to be smart. <br />Accordingly, I will value those who have the courage to tell me what they really think and will listen sincerely <br />to those who disagree with me to truly understand their perspective, recognizing that understanding other <br />perspectives makes me a better leader. <br />I will embrace my responsibility to govern rather than to manage; recognizing that if I am doing staff’s job <br />I am not doing my job, while also understanding and embracing the appropriately exercised governance role <br />of holding staff accountable. <br />I will place a greater emphasis on solutions than on problems; while refusing to offer solutions before I <br />understand the problem. <br />I will understand that mutual trust is the foundation for everything and that if I refuse to trust others they <br />will be unable to trust me. <br />I will protect the integrity of the process more than the rightness of my position; I will fight hard for my issue <br />but then unify behind the governing body when the decision is made because the decision was made with <br />integrity of process, even if I disagree with the outcome. <br />I will understand that my deeply held beliefs, values and positions will be strengthened, not compromised by <br />courteous, respectful and civil discourse. I will not treat someone as the enemy just because we disagree. <br />I will treat everyone with dignity and respect because of who I am as a leader… not because of how they treat <br />me or what I think about them. <br />I will be a role model for civility. I will not treat my colleagues or staff in any way that I would be embarrassed <br />if my five year old child treated someone the same way. <br />I will never forget – it is not about me and it is not about now. <br />May you have the courage to walk the talk of an authentic servant leader, and in so doing leave a legacy that matters. <br />WWW.GOVERNMENTRESOURCE.COM