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3. The various aspects of the proposed development are consistent with requirements of the <br />City's high density housing requirements, or are supported by the goals and objectives of <br />the requirements for PUD consideration, and the long-term expectations of the <br />Comprehensive Plan. <br />4. With the modification to the site plan under conditions as recommended by the Planning <br />Commission, the proposed improvements constitute a reasonable use of the property. <br />5. The proposed PUD will accommodate reasonable use without negative impacts on <br />neighboring property nor on public improvements and services. <br />NOW THEREFORE MAY IT BE RESOVLED, that the City Council of the <br />City of St. Anthony Village accepts the findings and recommendations documented in the staff <br />report and approves Preliminary Plan for the St. Anthony Village Senior Housing PUD as shown <br />on the plans submitted on December 17, 2020, at 2501 Lowry Avenue NE: <br />1. An access easement shall be in place to accommodate the easterly shared access <br />road with the Urban Grove development site to Kenzie Terrace. Proof of such <br />access easement shall be provided to the City as a part of the final PUD <br />documentation. <br />2. Access -related issues shall be subject to comment and recommendation by the City <br />Engineer. <br />3. The City finds that the proposed parking supply is adequate to serve the facility. <br />4. Final PUD Plans demonstrate compliance with ADA parking supply requirements <br />(for disabled persons). <br />5. City Officials find the proposed four-story apartment building heights to be <br />acceptable (within the context of the PUD). <br />6. As a part of the Final Plan submission, the submitted landscape plan be amended to <br />add evergreen plantings along the north edge of the shared driveway. <br />7. As part of the Final PUD Plan submission, a signage plan be submitted for review <br />which demonstrates compliance with City requirements. <br />8. Issues related to grading, drainage and utilities shall be subject to comment and <br />recommendation by the City Engineer. <br />9. The applicant enter into a PUD agreement with the City and post all the necessary <br />securities required by it. <br />Passed in regular session of the City Council on the 9th day of February 2021. <br />