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<br />3301 Silver Lake Road, St. Anthony, Minnesota 55418-1699 <br />Office: (612) 782-3301 • Fax: (612) 782-3302 • <br /> <br /> <br />MEMORANDUM <br /> <br /> <br />TO: Mayor Stille and St. Anthony City Council <br /> St. Anthony Planning Commission <br /> Charlie Yunker, City Manager <br /> <br />FROM: Stephen Grittman, City Planner <br /> <br />DATE: June 9, 2021 <br /> <br />RE: June 15, 2021 Work Session – Conditional Use Permits <br /> <br />NAC FILE: 323.01 – 21.08 <br /> <br />An item on the upcoming Work Session with the Planning Commission and City Council is <br />intended to provide a recap of the application and debate over the proposed Conditional Use <br />Permit for the Boulevard Car Wash which was considered by Planning Commission and City <br />Council over the past winter. <br />The purpose of the discussion is to understand the requirements for Conditional Use Permit <br />review and decision-making, and how the Boulevard CUP request – with the extensive <br />neighborhood interest – can serve as an opportunity to better address Conditional Use Permit <br />reviews in the future, and potentially other controversial projects as well. <br />In summary, the owner of the property (Boulevard Auto) proposed construction of an <br />automated car wash at 2701 Kenzie Terrace, a property the proposer owned, and which was <br />generally adjacent to his existing automotive repair business location. The site is zoned C – <br />Commercial, in which district car wash is allowed by Conditional Use Permit. <br />The Zoning Ordinance does not list any specific conditions for this (or for most) uses allowed by <br />CUP. Instead, there is a short list of items which the City must determine as follows: <br />(1) The use is one of the conditional uses specifically listed for the district in which the <br />property is located; <br />