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HRA meeting immediately after council meetingCITY OF SAINT ANTHONY VILLAGECITY COUNCIL MEETING AGENDATuesday, October 26, 2021 at 7:00PMJoin Meeting via ZoomThere is also a dial -in option available. Members of the public who wish to attend the meeting may do so in person. Call To Order.Pledge Of Allegiance.Roll Call.Approval Of Agenda.Proclamations And Recognitions.Consent Agenda.Approval Of CC Meeting MinutesCC 10.12.2021.PDFLicense And PermitsLICENSEANDPERMITS .PDFClaims10-27 -21.PDFResolution 21 -077 - A Resolution Accepting Grants And Donations Received <br />RESOLUTION 21 -077 ACCEPTING DONATIONS AND GRANTS 3RD QTR <br />2021.PDF <br />Public Hearing. <br />Reports From Commission And Staff. <br />Resolution 21 -078 Approving Final Plan Stage PUD, Interstate/Bremer/City Of St. <br />Anthony <br />Steve Grittman, City Planner, presenting <br />STAFF REPORT -INTERSTATE BREMER FINAL PLAN PUD.PDF <br />PRESENTATION -INTERSTATE BREMER FINAL PLAN PUD.PDF <br />DEVELOPER FINAL SUBMITTAL PLANS.PDF <br />RESOLUTION 21 -078.PDF <br />Ordinance 21 -04 Amending The Zoning Ordinance, By Establishing The Kenzie <br />Terrace PUD Overlay District, And Rezoning Of Certain Parcels <br />Steve Grittman, City Planner presenting <br />ORDINANCE 2021 -04.PDF <br />Resolution 21 -079 Approving Summary Publication Of Ordinance 2021 -04 <br />RESOLUTION 21 -079.PDF <br />General Business Of Council. <br />Approving Of Capital Improvement Plan For 2022 -2026 & 2027 -2038 <br />Shelly Rueckert, Finance Director presenting. (Motion Requested) <br />2022 -2026 & 2027 -2038 CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT PLAN <br />PRESENTATION OF CAPITAL FUNDS 2022 -2038.PDF <br />3rd Quarter Goals Update <br />Charlie Yunker, City Manager, presenting <br />GOALS CHART 2021.PDF <br />Reports From City Manager And Council Members. <br />Community Forum <br />Individuals may address the City Council about any City business item not included on <br />the regular agenda. Speakers are requested to come to the podium, sign their name and <br />address on the form at the podium, state their name and address for the Clerk ’s record, <br />and limit their remarks to five minutes. Generally, the City Council will not take official <br />action on items discussed at this time, but may typically refer the matter to staff for a <br />future report or direct the matter to be scheduled on an upcoming agenda. <br />Autumn Woods Resident Petition -Noise <br />AUTUMN WOODS RESIDENT PETITION.PDF <br />Information And Announcements. <br />Future Agenda Items <br />FUTURE AGENDA ITEMS.PDF <br />Adjournment <br />If you would like to request special accommodations or alternative formats, please contact the City Clerk <br />at 612 -782 -3313 or email . People who are deaf or hard of hearing can contact us by <br />using 711 Relay. <br />Our Mission is to be a progressive and welcoming Village that is walkable, sustainable and safe. <br />I.II.III.IV.V.VI.A.Documents:B.Documents:C.Documents:D. <br />Documents: <br />VII. <br />VIII. <br />A. <br />Documents: <br />B. <br />Documents: <br />C. <br />Documents: <br />IX. <br />A. <br />Documents: <br />B. <br />Documents: <br />X. <br />XI. <br />A. <br />Documents: <br />XII. <br />A. <br />Documents: <br />XIII.