Laserfiche WebLink
Searching within the City of Lino Lakes Records Portal <br /> <br />Documents found in the electronic archives are kept in various formats, with optical character <br />recognition or assigned templates to use for searching data. <br /> <br />OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is the electronic translation of scanned images of <br />handwritten, typewritten or printed text into machine-encoded text. It is widely used to convert <br />books and documents into electronic files. OCR makes it possible to search for a word or phrase <br />and stores it more compactly. <br /> <br />Search Techniques: <br /> <br />Quick Search <br /> <br />Quick Search does a simple search of the phrase typed in the Search Box. Quick Search <br />searches OCR text, entry Names, Fields and Annotations without having to open the Search <br />Pane. <br /> <br /> To Search the Entire Repository, enter the search criteria in the Search box with All <br />Folders selected from the drop down, then select Search. <br /> <br /> To Search within a Folder, enter the search criteria in the Search box with Current Folder <br />selected from the drop down, then select Search. <br /> <br />Note: Use double quotes (“ “) around words to search for those exact words only. <br /> <br /> <br />Advanced Searches <br /> <br /> Select the Search button to open Search Pane (on left side of screen) <br /> Select the type of Customize Search i.e., Text, Document/Folder Name, <br /> Within Folder, etc. from the drop down list <br /> For a TEXT Search, enter the phrase to be searched in the Search Box (use double quotes <br />for exact word match) <br /> Select Search <br /> <br />For the different types of Advanced Searches you will be required to supply additional <br />Search information; for example, a Document/Folder Name Search requires the user to <br />specify the Document/Folder Name to be searched in addition to the text/phrase to be <br />searched. <br />