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<br />Laserfiche Search TipsPage 1 of 1 <br />? <br />Laserfiche <br />Contact Us <br />The following tips can help you create searches that return precise and <br />relevant results. <br />Basic features: <br />?Every word counts. Every word in the query will be searched and only pages <br />containing ALL words in the query will be returned. Note: Words like a, an, and the <br />(sometimes known as "stop words") will NOT be ignored. The best practice is NOT to <br />include them in your search string if they aren't necessary. <br />?Search is case insensitive. A search for laserfiche quick fields will return the same <br />results as a search for Laserfiche Quick Fields. <br />?Punctuation will be ignored. A search for Laserfiche, Long Beach, CA will return the <br />same results as a search for Laserfiche Long Beach CA. Characters that are typically <br />ignored include !?@#^&*()_+{}\\ and other special characters. <br />?Word-stemming in search is supported. This allows you to find all words that <br />naturally stem from the root of your original search term. For example, a search for <br />stop will return stopped or stopping, but not stopper or stoplight. <br />Advanced features: <br />?Phrase search(""). Putting double quotes around multiple words will search for those <br />words exactly as typed–in the same order and with the same spacing. <br />?Exclude terms (-). Add a minus sign immediately before a word to indicate you do not <br />want pages containing this word in your results. There must be a space before the <br />minus sign, but no space between the minus sign and the word to be excluded. To <br />exclude multiple words, repeat the pattern (e.g., Laserfiche -Workflow -WebLink will <br />return pages that contain Laserfiche but neither Workflow nor WebLink. <br />?OR search. To search for one of two or more words, use OR between the words, with <br />"OR" in ALL CAPS (e.g., searching for Quick Fields OR Workflow will return pages <br />containing either Quick Fields or Workflow; similarly, searching for Laserfiche Quick <br />Fields OR Workflow OR Suite will return pages containing Laserfiche Quick Fields or <br />Laserfiche Workflow or Laserfiche Suite. <br />Run Smarter╟ <br />© 2019 Laserfiche <br />Privacy | Trademark <br /> <br />