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2019 Mission <br /> <br />To improve the overall quality of <br />life by preserving the peace and <br />safety of the community. <br />…………………………………………… <br />VISIO N <br />The St. Anthony Police Department is committed to hire, develop, <br />and retain dedicated professionals who are devoted to exceptional <br />policing service and creating a safe and secure community that is a <br />desirable place in which to live, learn, work, and play. ………………………………………………………………… <br /> <br />& Progressive Community <br /> <br />GOALS <br /> <br />Increase <br />Community <br />Partnerships/ <br />Inclusion <br />Principles & <br />Practices – <br />Review and <br />Update <br />Enhance <br />Training – <br />Internal and <br />External <br />Shift Focus <br />to “Traffic <br />Safety” <br />Enhance <br />Focus on CP, <br />Intervention, <br />Suppression <br />Enhance <br />Employee <br />Wellness <br />Program <br />Restructure <br />Professional <br />Development <br />Process <br />Evaluate <br />Accountability <br />Processes <br />Strengthen <br />Recruitment, <br />Hiring, & <br />Retention <br />OBJECTIVES <br /> <br />Cops vs. Kids <br />Basketball <br /> <br />Utilize Cable <br />Access <br /> <br />Enhance Social <br />Media <br /> <br />Outreach to <br />underrepresented <br />groups <br /> <br />Create better <br />measurement <br />tools <br /> <br />Use data to <br />reward officer <br />efforts <br /> <br />Participate in <br />more formal <br />committees <br /> <br />Community <br />education <br />events <br /> <br />Community <br />survey <br /> <br />Increase <br />engagement at <br />schools <br />Evaluate policies <br />to ensure they <br />reflect vision, <br />mission, FIP, and <br />PJ <br /> <br />First priority <br />given to policies <br />that are most <br />relevant to the <br />community <br /> <br />Reorganize and <br />restructure <br /> <br />Distribute and <br />train officers on <br />new policies <br /> <br />Utilize outside <br />resources to <br />accomplish goals <br />Comply with <br />new State <br />mandates <br /> <br />Research and <br />implement <br />more web- <br />based training <br /> <br />Track training <br />to ensure a <br />connection to <br />strategic plan <br /> <br />Better inform <br />the public of <br />training <br />priorities and <br />successes. <br /> <br />Grant pursuit <br />to offset <br />training costs <br /> <br />New methods <br />of delivery of <br />education <br />topics to <br />public <br /> <br />Increase <br />cooperative <br />learning with <br />non-police <br />agencies <br />Data driven <br />patrol <br /> <br />Utilize <br />community <br />contacts to <br />identify <br />problem <br />areas <br /> <br />Web-based <br />forum to <br />inform police <br /> <br />Increase <br />partnership <br />with city and <br />county to <br />remedy <br />problem <br />areas <br /> <br />Utilize PJ to <br />enhance <br />message <br />during traffic <br />stops <br /> <br />Recognize <br />and reward <br />traffic safety <br />efforts <br /> <br />Utilize wide <br />range of <br />resources to <br />identify crime <br />and disorder <br />issues <br /> <br />Establish <br />strategies to <br />mitigate <br />identified <br />problems <br /> <br />Enhance <br />means by <br />which public is <br />notified of <br />crime trends <br /> <br />Participate in <br />public safety <br />joint mental <br />health <br />initiatives <br />Identify officer <br />to lead the <br />program <br /> <br />Obtain <br />employee <br />input <br /> <br />Department <br />survey <br /> <br />Resource <br />guide for <br />employees <br />and families <br /> <br />Enhance <br />chaplain <br />program <br /> <br />Educate <br />officers about <br />available <br />resources <br /> <br />Develop an <br />Early <br />Intervention <br />System <br /> <br />Revamp <br />employee <br />evaluation <br />process <br /> <br />Employees <br />evaluated by <br />their <br />attainment of <br />goals in <br />support of <br />strategic plan <br /> <br />Quarterly <br />meetings to <br />evaluate <br />progress <br /> <br />Supervisor <br />training in <br />employee <br />development <br /> <br />Continue and <br />enhance <br />mentorship <br />program for <br />new hires <br /> <br /> <br />Review and <br />update the <br />complaint <br />process <br /> <br />Consistency in <br />recording and <br />tracking <br />complaints <br /> <br />Officers <br />educated about <br />the process <br /> <br />Complaints <br />forms more <br />readily available <br /> <br />Improve <br />transparency to <br />the public <br />about the <br />process <br /> <br />More visibly <br />share officer <br />commendation <br />to other <br />officers and the <br />public <br /> <br /> <br />Increase <br />applicant pool <br /> <br />Increase pool <br />of diverse <br />applicants <br /> <br />Increase <br />efforts in high <br />schools, <br />colleges, job <br />fairs, etc. <br /> <br />Use strategic <br />plan to brand <br />and market to <br />potential <br />candidates <br /> <br />Improve <br />officer <br />interview <br />selection <br />process <br /> <br />Develop <br />retention <br />strategies <br />