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CITY OF SAINT ANTHONY VILLAGE <br />CITY COUNCIL WORKSESSION AGENDA <br />October 12, 2021 at 5:30 PM <br />Join Meeting via Zoom <br />There is also a dial -in option available. Members of the public who wish to attend the <br />meeting may do so in person. <br />Minutes <br />September 28, 2021 Worksession Minutes <br />WS9 -28 -21MINUTES.PDF <br />Worksession Topics <br />Metropolitan Council Inflow And Infiltration Program MOU <br />Justin Messner, City Engineer presenting <br />SAV MOU METROPOLITAN COUNCIL.PDF <br />2022 Capital Funds Budget <br />Shelly Rueckert, Finance Director presenting <br />COVER MEMO -CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT PROJECT.PDF <br />CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT PROJECT PACKET.PDF <br />Future Worksession Dates, Times And Agenda Items <br />Future Agenda Items <br />FUTURE AGENDA ITEMS.PDF <br />Adjournment <br />If you would like to request special accommodations or alternative formats, please contact the City <br />Clerk at 612 -782 -3313 or email . People who are deaf or hard of hearing can <br />contact us by using 711 Relay. <br />Our Mission is to be a progressive and welcoming Village that is walkable, sustainable and <br />safe. <br />1. <br />A. <br />Documents: <br />2. <br />A. <br />Documents: <br />B. <br />Documents: <br />3. <br />A. <br />Documents: <br />4.