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December 15, 2009 <br />Honorable Mayor and City Council <br />City of St. Anthony, Minnesota <br />Dear Mayor and Councilmembers: <br />RE. Management Letter <br />Herein, I submit for Council consideration the 2010 general operating budget. Included <br />as part of this document are the 2010 budgets for the General Fund, 5 -Year Capital <br />Equipment Plan, Recycling Fund, Dare Fund, Fire Education Fund, H.R.A. Fund, Park <br />Improvement Fund, Road Improvement Fund, Community Service Fund, Water and <br />Sewer Fund and Liquor Operations. <br />Also, included in this document are the goals that were set by the Mayor, City Council <br />and Staff and the policy document (Financial Management Plan) which were previously <br />reviewed and adopted by the City Council, as part of the budgeting text. <br />Staff's goal is to provide our community with strong, quality services for Police, Fire, <br />Parks, and Public Works at the most cost effective and efficient way possible. <br />In preparing the 2010 budget Staff continued its mission to maintain the existing level of <br />City services and programs with the use of financially conservative budgeting. Overall, <br />the proposed 2010 general operating budget represents an increase of $58,700 over last <br />year's budgeted amount. <br />General Operating Fund <br />For year 2010, Staff is proposing a General Operating Budget in the amount of <br />$5,283,400, compared to last year's budget of $5,224,700, reflecting a 1.12% increase <br />from 2009. Overall, the personal services portion of the Budget continues to be the <br />largest segment comprising 74% of the General Fund Operating Budget. <br />The increase in the 2010 operating budget reflects a 0% salary increase (negotiated with <br />the 3 unions and non-union personnel) and a $100.00 increase per month in the employer <br />health insurance contribution for employees with family coverage. <br />Infrastructure Improvements <br />During the past few years there has been significant reconstruction of City streets, the <br />storm water system, reconstruction of Silver Lake Village and our park infrastructures. <br />New street and utility reconstruction for 2009 was Chandler Drive from County Road D <br />to Foss Road and Foss Road from Chandler Drive to the northeast corner of the City <br />limits. The total cost of the projected was $2,630,000. Funding for road improvements <br />continues to be 35% assessed to the adjacent property owners and 65% levied over the <br />entire community for their use of City streets. <br />