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It* hong <br />U 2013 Strategic Plan <br />TABLE OF CONTENTS <br />Introduction Page 2 <br />Work Session Goals and 2013 Theme <br />Reflections on 2012 <br />What's Ahead in 2013 <br />2013 Goal Setting Session Agenda Page 3 <br />St. Anthony Village in 2025 Page 4 <br />City staff work session <br />Short term priorities <br />Long term vision <br />Addendums <br />Mission and Vision Page 6 <br />Strategic Initiatives and Goals Page 7 <br />2013 Strengths Page 8 <br />Fiscal <br />Public Safety <br />Location <br />City Services <br />Citizens 1 Communication <br />Infrastructure <br />2013 Weaknesses Page 10 <br />Walkability <br />Water Quality <br />Technology and Communication <br />Fiscal Soundness <br />Infrastructure and Redevelopment <br />2013 Opportunities Page 11 <br />Fiscal <br />Redevelopment <br />Joint Ventures <br />Human Resources <br />Environment <br />Communication <br />City Organization <br />2013 Challenges Page 13 <br />Fiscal Volatility <br />Economy <br />Aging Community <br />Connecting the Public <br />Environment <br />Quote from Henry Ford <br />2013 Pyramid Addendum 1 <br />Pre -Planning Work Addendum 2